About Us


Our Story

It all started with a rant in class one night.

Dr. Tom Robinson, an advertising professor at BYU, noticed that the students he worked with, both at church and at school, weren’t dating. Instead, they were staying at home. Every night. Alone.

One night during a class an advertisement about dating got him going and Dr. Robinson went on a rant about it for half the class. It might have included something like this, “Dating isn’t supposed to be scary or stressful. Dating should be fun! Guys and girls should be able to just go out for dinner and talk to each other. Dating is about getting to know each other. It’s just dinner!” So the brand began.

And that’s how it stayed. It’s still a rant – but so true. Invite Dr. Robinson to speak and you will here the passion that accompanies any proper soap box rant. But here’s the difference: it really works. Try it for yourself.

After all, It’s Just Dinner.

Our Vision

We simply want to make dating fun again. Take all the stress and rules out of it and get back to where a guy and a girl are talking and getting to know each other. After all isn’t the definition of a date “the opportunity for a young man and a young woman to get to know each other better”?